Vibration Management Corp.
5930 Thomas Road
Houston, Texas 77041, USA
T: +1-713-983-8462 (VIMCO)
F: +1-713-983-9933
E: sales@vimco.biz
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VIMCO™ exports 60% of it's production outside U.S.A., with agents/distributors located in Belgium, Bolivia, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay...
VIMCO™ is now actively concentrating on shoring up its domestic representative base, while continuing to explore untapped overseas markets. If you think that your organization is currently positioned to represent/distribute VIMCO™ products in your country or territory, please complete our Agent Interest Form.

VIMCO™ technical literature is produced on our in-house state of the art desktop publishing system, using the latest CAD software. This ensures accuracy of design and allows us to quickly and efficiently update our drawings.
Striving towards an environmental friendly, paper-free system, most VIMCO™ literature is now available online to our representatives and their customers.

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